What Commonly Used Design Detail Should Die A Very Quick Death?

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Jason is right. Stupid plastic wheel covers should die a painful death, preferably very quickly so we don't have to see them anymore. Let those steelies shine, kids. But so should fake intakes. You might think they've been eliminated, but you'd be wrong.


And yes, I used my mad photoshopping skillzzz just to point that out, on the 2014 Ford Focus.

They've fallen off a bit since their heyday on the Mustang, and nowadays they've been minimized. But they shouldn't be minimized.

They should be eliminated.

Stupid fake intakes are a plague upon this land, and are just the worst type of aspirational tinsel that can appear on any vehicle. You do not drive a McLaren P1, with its need for more oxygen than currently exists on the planet. You drive a Ford Focus. It is environmentally friendly. It is honest. It is hard working. Your intakes are not.

They make me weep for the notions of taste, and purity.

They are the worst.

But surely that's not the only design detail that should be quickly obliterated from the face of the Earth and never spoken of again. What other commonly used design detail should die a very quick death?


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Photo credit: Ford


Shane Elliott

Exhaust pipes that are physically smaller than the tips that are put on them