There are many cars, apparently, you'd all drive into the ground. It's a good thing. But some cars deserve to be treated a little more gingerly. What car would you preserve forever?

By preserve forever, of course, we mean drive enthusiastically without seriously harming it. We mean keeping it clean and waxed and near-perfectly maintained forever in our garage for weekend jaunts.

We're tempted to pick up many, many cars but few top a pristine Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic. As much as we prefer a Cars & Coffee to a Concours we have to admit little tops the rare 57 SC. It is unapologetically gorgeous, lightweight, and comes complete with close to 200 HP in a car from the 1930s. And it's not something you have to "get cars" to appreciate. You see one. You stop what you're doing. You love it immediately. It's a timeless presence deserving to be loved timelessly.

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Photo Credit: Ultimate Car Pages