What Car Would You Dragon?

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As previously documented, a dragon is someone with a special "attachment" to cars. We love cars, but dragons "love cars." It's also used as a verb. Thus, assuming a sudden loss of shame, what car would you like to "dragon?"

Benjamin Franklin once argued it was better to have an older mistress because they're more grateful and more experienced. Taking this advice to heart, we want a car that's "been around the block" a few times. We also want something beautiful just in case we run into it when we're out with friends. Most importantly, we want something challenging and exotic. We also want a unique experience. Every dentist can buy time with a Porsche, or two, or three. This is why the Toyota 2000GT is the object of our prurient attention. It's gorgeous, it's unique (less than 400 made), it's not blisteringly fast but it's fun. Most importantly for this exercise, it's undeniably sensual.


On the other hand, our fearless leader just wants an Audi R8 — or, failing that — a Nissan GT-R because he think both have a real pretty mouth...and tailpipe.

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Scandinavian Flick

Your mom's car.

Oh snap!

I had to go there... But anyway, I would go for the Pagani Zonda. I mean... look at that ass!

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