My Car Is My Lover: Dragons Get Documentary

Ever needed the whole Dragons thing explained in an hour-long documentary? Yeah, us neither, but England's Channel 5 has done just that with "My Car Is My Lover." NSFW

The whole thing's on YouTube, so there's six parts. We've embedded the first above the jump and here's links to the rest. In case all this piques your interest in a way that you really, really shouldn't tell us about, here's Sex With Cars: A Tutorial.

My Car Is My Lover Part 2

My Car Is My Lover Part 3

My Car Is My Lover Part 4

My Car Is My Lover Part 5

My Car Is My Lover Part 6

Hat tip to G-Ram!

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Rob Emslie

My car makes me feel as though I'm alive

What more beautiful conveyance is there to drive

Its athletic lines at rear conjoin

And stir deep feelings within my loins

I frequently go to the garage and stare

And while away the hours, without a care

At the gleaming headlamps, the grill, the hood

And think with lust that I shall, that I should

Have coital congress in front of my adored

And relieve this pressure from my flesh sword

Whether in my garage, or out on a drive

Who knew a car could make me feel so alive

And so I position myself right in place

And anoint her mouth, her eyes, her face

Then to her hatch, a twist of her trunk key

Once more I set forth to spanking the monkey

Both front and rear I have spent my seed

My weapon of choice is no longer in need

My Peugeot is blessed with my fusillade hail

I'll see her again, once I get out of jail