What Car Still Haunts Your Nightmares?

Is there a car that shocks you awake whenever you begin drifting off to sleep?

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A grey Volvo V40 estate car
Look at it, waiting to traumatize another child
Photo: Volvo

Love it or loathe it, it’s almost Halloween! And while things may not be fully back to normal for spooky revelers this year, we can still celebrate the scarier side of the car world. So for today’s question, we want to hear about the cars that still haunt your nightmares.

To honor this celebration of the scary, let’s uncover some of the spookiest cars and most frightening automotive stories.


We want to hear your tales of the particularly frightening-looking vehicle that pops into your brain as you drift off to sleep, jarring you awake. Or stories about the car you had a calamitous experience with, or maybe even the vehicle of choice for the sleep paralysis demon that haunts your sleep.

Anything is welcome.

While the look of Batman’s Tumbler is pretty sinister, and the angry face on the 1950s Buick Electra is enough to make me quiver in my boots, there’s another monstrosity that haunts my dreams.


If we’re talking emotionally scarring experiences in a car, then it has to be some traumatic rides in an old Volvo. Particularly, it comes back to a torrid childhood moment in a peacock blue Volvo. I’m pretty sure this car was cursed, as not only was there a close encounter with a driver in the wrong lane when I was a passenger, but I also ended up locked in the car with no escape.

This wasn’t in a fun escape room kind of way. Nope, the alarm was blaring and I got stuck in the back seat in the middle of a supermarket parking lot. People were staring, the doors were locked and I was banging on the windows for help. It was a whole traumatizing thing.


So yeah, that’s the car that haunts my dreams. A cursed Volvo V40 with no way of escape.

But what suggestions do you have for cars that haunt your nightmares? Let us know the model and your memories in the comments below.