Today's debut of the Bentley Continental Shooting Brake is a reminder of how awesome the breadvan is a form factor. What other car needs to get the shooting brake treatment?


Call us crazy, but the prank from our friends at what was Top Gear USA actually got us thinking. A Porsche Cayman shooting brake is sort of a wonderful idea... Just kidding. It's mostly just ridiculous.


What we've really been missing is a Mazda Miata shooting brake. Think about it? It's a front-engined RWD car, which is the best layout for one. People manage to talk themselves out of Miata ownership because it's not a great DD (stupid reason) but how do you say that when there's a hard roof over head and a space to store crap. Also, given the move towards Nagare language we think there's plenty of room to sculpt some extra glass around the back.

What do you want as the modern day sequel to the MGB GT?

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