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Yeah, it's still Crash Week, and we've seen some very jarring videos (some we even won't show). Now we need some comforting, so we want to know: what car makes you feel safe?


We are, unsurprisingly, going with the Volvo 240 Wagon. We don't buy the argument that "bigger is better" since we understand the relationship between mass, acceleration and force. Still, it doesn't hurt to have a little mass on your side, at least for "feeling" safe. It's also wide open, with windows so huge the blind spots are minimal. Most importantly in a realistic sense is the nimbleness of it. For an almost 25-year-old wagon it's quite nimble and we feel maneuverability is just as important as anything else because you're best advantage in a possible crash is avoiding it. Oh, and that big Volvo badge on the front. It stands for "feeling" safe.


What car makes you feel safe, why?

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