What Car Do You Wish Came With a Manual?

There are fewer and fewer manual transmissions available. What vehicle do you wish had one?

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The manual transmission gearstick in a 2023 Toyota GR Supra.
Photo: Toyota

We, as enthusiasts, are more often than not manual transmission fans. But, as they continue to die off in alarming numbers, there are fewer and fewer cars that offer God’s transmission. That’s what brings us to today’s question.

We want to know what car you wish came with a manual transmission. It doesn’t matter what sort of price point or segment the car is in. We just want to know which car you think should let you row your own gears. As always, for the love of Christ, tell us why. Don’t just say “Mercedes-AMG C63.” and nothing else. That’s boring as hell, and if you do that, I won’t like you anymore.

If I had to pick a car to put a manual transmission in, it would probably be (unsparingly) the Corvette C8. I’ve got no issue with Chevy offering a dual clutch automatic transmission, but it feels dirty that there isn’t a manual transmission available. It’s America’s sports car! We deserve a good manual. To be fair, the company would most likely have to re-engineer the entire center dashboard to make that work, but I don’t care. This is my fantasy world – our fantasy world – and we can do and say whatever we want in the comments.


So, head on down to the fanciful comments, and let us know what car you think should come with a manual transmission.