What Car Do You Want To Get Out Of The Stellantis Merger?

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Peugot 508 Wagon
Photo: Peugot

These mergers often feel like big steps toward a totally homogenized car business where badge engineering and strict bean-counting lead us to our inevitable future 23,000 robots stamping out one model of electric crossover in 7 different colors. But, between now and then, maybe something fun happens.

After all, it’s happened before. The first “merger of equals” got us the Chrysler Crossfire and, really if you think about it, the Challenger and Charger. The Fiat takeover put the excellent and recently discontinued Alfa Romeo 4C, the Giulia and the 500 Abarth on American streets. Not a bad deal overall.

Could Stellantis bring us more than just a Paul Verhoeven-ass name/logo? I think it could. It probably won’t, but it could.


Maybe we get the good crossover, the Citroën C4 Cactus? Maybe, through some absolute fluke, a miracle of miracles, someone drags a C3 WRC over to dominate a local hill climb or an ARA event. It’s technically possible that something like that could happen? Maybe a DS?

I’ve done a little browsing, and I think at this moment and of course, barring the impossible rally scenario I mentioned above the PSA nameplate I’d like to see in the states is the 508 SW, a car likely to sell in the mid-dozens before being canceled. But still, look at it! Do Americans hate wagons? Or are the wagons we get just insufficiently French? Probably the former but there’s only one way to know for sure.

Peugot 508 SW
Photo: Peugot UK

Anyway, take a look for yourself. We’ve got new brands, many French, entering into a business entanglement with the people who make the V8 Jeep and the million horsepower pony car, the possibilities are endless. You want a Ram with Peugeot 504 badges? You want, uhh, an Opel? A Vauxhall? Lemme know! The Stellantis guys are certainly reading your comments to inform their planning!