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Hundreds of you shared the cars you tell people not to buy, but we're not going to end the Carpocalypse if no one purchases anything. Let's stimulate the economy. What car do you tell people to buy?


As much as I'd like everyone I know to buy Se7ens and 'Stangs, it's not always the right answer to "what's a good replacement for my minivan?" Most people who approach me say they want a hybrid, a ghastly hybrid. Instead, I tell them to at least try a VW Jetta TDI wagon or sedan. It's a better value, gets great freeway mileage and has more oomph than your average hybrid. And the stabilization of diesel prices makes it more fiscal sense. At least one person took me up on this and is forever grateful she didn't buy a Civic Hybrid. For those looking for something SUV-like there's always the EcoBoost Ford Flex, which eats up miles and looks great. And if someone wants a little fun for very little pocket change? The Subaru WRX wagon kills.


Do it like a commodity trader: what car/s do you encourage people to buy?

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