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Consumer Reports was worried enough about Lexus GX 460 they told readers not to buy it. We'd have focused on it being bloated and expensive. Whatever the reason — what car do you tell people not to buy?


Generally, I try to be open to what people want. They're buying a car for themselves, not to make me happy, but there are a few vehicles warrant a big "no" when someone even hints at wanting one. Near the top of this list is the Aveo, which appeals to people who want to buy American (ha!) and also demand a new car but are dangerously frugal. It's slow and cheap and for the money almost any other cheap car on the market is better. The great small cars are coming (at a price) but we're not there yet and if you've only got $11K to spend on a new car you're better off getting a nicer used one or waiting for the next generation Chevy Aveo RS, which looks to be a big improvement.


No one wants to be a "yes man" so put your foot down and say: NO!

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