What Car Deserved Better?

Plenty of cars were unfairly treated when they came out, but what took the cake?

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Photo: Lexus

Sometimes, companies release cars to little fanfare. No matter how amazing the vehicle, how perfect its performance or looks, there’s something that overwhelms its release. Maybe the price is too high, the economy is too bad, or it’s immediately overshadowed by something else.

But with hindsight on our side, we can look back at those overlooked cars, and realize that they were Actually Pretty Good the whole time. Some of them were even great. But what single car, out of everything dismissed or looked down on, got the most unfair treatment?

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Photo: Lexus

Back in 2012, you could wander into your local Lexus dealer and get yourself a brand-new LFA. Ten cylinders, over 550 horsepower, and enough carbon fiber to supply eBay steering-wheel sellers for decades. Sounds amazing, right? Yet years later, you could still wander into your local Lexus dealer, and find that same LFA collecting dust in the showroom. Why?

Well, think about the state of the U.S. in 2012. Everyone was still dusting themselves off from the 2008 recession, and few people had a spare $375,000 stashed away for a rainy day. It was just too much — an incredible vehicle, passed over by buyers due to the incredible cost.

Of course, no one forgot the LFA, and they now routinely pull in double or triple their original asking price. But, if the car had gotten a better initial reception, who knows? Maybe we’d be seeing second- and third-generation LFAs on the streets today.

That’s my pick for a car that was unfairly overlooked at launched, and deserved better treatment. But what’s yours? Will you stand up for the Prowler or the second-generation Acura NSX? Leave your picks in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorites tomorrow.