Congratulations To The Three (3) People Who Bought A New Lexus LFA Last Year

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The Lexus LFA is a fascinating thing—a V10 supercar so unlike the rest of the company’s lineup, in both performance and price—and it has been since the car’s limited run of 500 units before production ended in 2012. But not all of those 500 units have been bought yet, and Lexus sold three new LFAs in 2019.


That number is up from two in 2018. Congratulations to all involved, because you’re luckier than the rest of us dweebs.

Lexus announced annual sales for 2019 on Friday—a tally in which only sales of “new” vehicles count, even if they’re from many model years ago. The LFA had three in its year-to-date column, marking a full two more units than than the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which died in 2014. The also-discontinued Dodge Viper, by comparison, had a sales total of five last year.

The LFA surprised us all in 2017 when we learned that after 178 of the 500 LFAs came to the U.S., 12 new ones were still for sale. Then we learned that there were more than 12, but not exactly how many. But that list is being ever-so-slowly dwindled toward zero, and we’ll soon only be left with used LFAs on the market.

That is, of course, unless Lexus gives the fans what they want: a new one.

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I don’t give a damn if it is seven years old. If I won the $237 million Powerball jackpot tomorrow night, one of my first orders of business would be putting together my own Gone in 60 Seconds list of 50 cars (to be acquired legally, though), and a Lexus LFA would sure AF be on there. I think I’d name her... Rebecca. Seems like a good name for a car that can be tame when needed but wild when only a special somebody’s watching.

Okay, I need to stop now.