While the made-to-order Lexus LFA has sold out in June, it took Toyota's Motomachi plant another six month to make the #500 V10 supercar.

The last car leaving the assembly line at the spaceship called LFA Works is a pure white Nürburgring Edition model with a little twist: the car's base coat is covered with a layer that shines in blue and white if you give it some fluorescent light, while there is a third enamel coat covered by a clear coat on top of that.


While the development of the Japanese supercar started in February 2000, the big red button firing up those amazing carbon fibre loom machines was only pushed on the 15th December 2010. Lexus made 500 LFAs, out of which 50 were the more powerful Nürburgring versions. They also built a one-off roadster, just to be able to give something to the American tourists visiting Japan. There were some rumours about various other special editions, but with the last LFA already built, we can pretty much give up on those.

On the other hand, we would love to see this baby in action...


With the end of the only proper Japanese supercar produced recently, the ball lands on Honda's side. For a start, how about an NSX that doesn't suck?

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