What Car Culture Inspires The Best Gearheads?

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Each subculture of car enthusiasts has a different sensibility. Rat rod dudes love rust, Alfa Romeo guys groan when you say it. Is there one bunch of car people that ends up with the coolest collections and best builds?

While we were drooling over Junkman's absolutely spectacular car collection (I die of joy every time I see his Sex Panther Matra), TheGoddamDoubleJ had an interesting observation on how the guy got started with Zuffenhausen's finest.

The most interesting part of this was that Junkman started off as a Porsche guy.

Are interesting car collections most often started by guys who got into Porsches?

It seems that the Lego-like interchangability of Porsche parts has helped free Porsche guys from restoring cars to "factory" or "original" and has allowed them to personalize their cars in order to get exactly what they want.

Just from Jalop, the guy with the great garage and the Singer 911 come to mind. I love that stuff.

Why is their a stigma towards personalizing most vintage European road cars, but no qualms at all when it comes to vintage racing the exact same models? Have the safety regs of the vintage races made so many changes necessary that most guys just said screw it and started changing all sorts of stuff?


So now we're wondering: what cars inspire the best enthusiasts?

Photo Credit: ASR Photos