When we met with longtime Jalopnik commenter/car collector Myron Vernis (aka Junkman) at his garage in Ohio late last year, we wound up with too much material to use in our Junkman profile for Jalopnik on Drive. So we pasted together some extra footage of oddball Junkman cars we had to leave out.

Cars like the Pontiac V8-powered '62 Deutsch-Bonnet LeMans Spyder that first ran on Jalopnik back in 2007, or the batshit insane Olsen Eagle Toronado that Junkman saw here first, then bought, then asked you guys how to make it even uglier. There's also the Matra Murena with three seats — for driver, wife, and mistress — and an airbrushed black panther mural on the hood for added fuck-yes insanity via the previous owner.

Oh, you caught the panther-Matra connection? Good for you! That car's sister ship is the Matra Bagheera. If you'll recall, Bagheera was the name of the black panther from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Boooosh. Mind blown.


And that's not all. We could go back to Junkman's garage every year for 10 years and still not get everything. Maybe we'll try to do that. Someone has to.