What Car Comes With The Weirdest Stereotypes?

Did any weird traits or lifestyle choices come with one of your cars?

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A red Suzuki Jimny parked by a beach
Apparently the Suzuki Jimny was historically driven by hairdressers.
Photo: Suzuki

We’ve all heard stereotypes about different cars and their drivers. Upon seeing the car, you already know more about its driver. Some make sense, like how you’ll always find a minimalist and stylish architect behind the wheel of a minimalist and stylish Saab. But, other stereotypes are just plain weird.

These strange traits and lifestyle choices associated with different cars are what we want to uncover today.

It might be an assertion about the car’s driver, their personality or even their abilities. Or, maybe, it’s an unlikely trait that all Mazda Miata drivers share, or a vicious rumor that everyone who drives a Mustang Mach-E is a diehard Pet Shop Boys fan.


In the past, I’ve heard a weird rumor that Suzuki Jimny’s are exclusively driven by hairdressers. Despite this, of the three Jimny owners I’ve met over the years, none of them were hairdressers. At the larger end of the off-road spectrum, Jalopnik’s own Lalita Chemello is discovering how all Jeep Wrangler drivers are an overly-friendly bunch that leave rubber ducks for other owners to find. What a weirdly charming group.

And while we’ve all heard that BMW drivers never indicate, have you been told that everyone who drives a Mini must be a vegan?


Truly, who is out there coming up with all these weird character traits and lifestyle choices that you must adopt whenever you buy a new car? I’d love to meet them.

What are the strange stereotypes you’ve heard over the years to describe drivers? Or what specific cars or traits are attached to each automaker and brand?


Let us know your favorite weird car stereotypes in the comments section below.