What Car Are You Most Thankful For?

Being thankful for the harvest is nice and all, but what cars would you like to give thanks for?

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A photo of a red Fiat 500 small car.
Today, I am thankful for this lovely Fiat 500.
Photo: Fiat

Happy holidays, fellow Jalops! Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and that means it’s nearly time for parades, turkeys, and sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows, for some reason. But, of course, there’s more to the holiday than strange food combos, it’s a time to be thankful.

We could all sit around and share what events or occurrences from the past year we’re particularly thankful for, or we could take a moment of appreciation for the harvest this season. But this is Jalopnik, so instead we’re going to talk about all the cars we’re thankful for right now.

So, what car are you most thankful for this holiday season?

Maybe it’s the model that first taught you how to drive, or it could be one that’s gotten you out of a particularly sticky situation. Alternatively, it could just be a car you appreciate, or one that brings you joy whenever you see one out on the road.


That last one is where I’m heading today, as I saw three Fiat 500s over the weekend and each one instantly put a great big smile on my face. Built between 1957 and 1975, the original Fiat 500 is a two-door marvel that sticks out like a sore thumb on America’s road.

It’s a car that could fit in the back of most modern vehicles, but that isn’t enough to stop some people owning them here in the land of the free. So, that’s my pick as seeing one here in America will always make me happy.

What car would you say you are most thankful for? Head to the comments section below and let us know your picks. We’ll round up some of the best responses in a slideshow tomorrow.