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Stereotyping is an unfortunate quirk of human nature that runs through car enthusiasm like a bad social disease. Some automotive preconceptions have completely lost legitimacy (if there was ever any in the first place) but refuse to fade away. What stereotypes about cars or drivers need to die?


The modern fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a serious, sophisticated (if supersized) tech-heavy musclecar. It is very fast, it is a brilliant reinterpretation of classic styling cues... and the first thing that always comes to mind whenever anyone hears the word "Camaro" is "trailer park." Yes, you'll find a few F-body Camaros lined up next to most double-wides, but the latest generation has a diverse appeal. Be-mulleted driver may still prefer Camaros, but what of fancier mullet owners? People with an Execu-Mullet like Mark Fields?


Frankly, the new Camaro is too nice and too expensive to wind up in your average trailer park. Outside the duplex of a Wal-Mart middle manager? Sure. But that's a big difference.

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