Bold Mullets: They Happen Every Day?

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Ok, so we've now determined the hair style most appropriately associated with Mark "Movie Star" Fields is in fact a mullet. I appreciate the hard work all of you have done, leaving no stone unturned, poring over the entire gallery of pictures doing your due diligence in determining the FoMoCo Prez's hair style. But now we must turn to to a more important question. I've received a number of phone calls and e-mails over the past few hours alerting me to another hair-related matter regarding Mark Fields. Although I'd always assumed his hair was suffering from an affliction I've long called my own — the "Jew-fro." It's a common disease causing a brillo-like hair consistency atop one's head found among members of the twelve tribes of a land called Yisra'el. However, these rumors I've heard today force me to ask a question I am somewhat reluctant to ask, but only because it might give away a great secret should one day I be forced to answer the question "To Weave or Not To Weave." So I'll put the question to you, our readers — feel free to refer to the gallery below if you need a reminder.


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Harvey Mushman

My god that's a big head. It looks like it could use a good chop-and-channeling to get the proportions right. About a half inch right behind the eyebrow would do the trick.