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Mark Fields Could Have Caught The Spirit Party In The Back In August

Illustration for article titled Mark Fields Could Have Caught The Spirit Party In The Back In August

We were really glad to see Mark Fields taking one for the team. His decision no longer to accept flights on the company-provided jet for family weekend visits is one heckuva Bold Move(TM), and we're proud of him for leading by example in tough times. Hell, even the New York-based bastion of liberalism, the Times noted Fields' decision this morning. True, the Times did open with a dig on Fields potentially flying an Airbus product (Airbus is the competitor of Boeing, the company FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally was wooed from) while embarking with the rest of us peons out of Detroit Metro. But, they did try to help the unwashed by providing dollar figures for flights from both Northwest and the airline for the budget-minded, Spirit. Obvs, the Times just wanted to show they understand the common mans desire to find a low-cost way to travel from Detroit to Miami. But, then we remembered something we'd seen a while back that makes us think maybe if Mark made the choice in August, he could have upped his savings significantly. This past summer, Spirit Airlines ran a sale on both business-class flights in the front of the plane and "party" seats in the rear. That's right, it was called "The Mullet Sale" — offering flights of $29, one-way. And since Fields totally had the Saturday stayover, he probably could have saved even more on top of that, if he'd booked then. But that brings up an interesting question — what is up with the hair on the head of FoMoCo's hebrew hottie? Is that a mullet? We're not sure — so we're looking for some expert advice from our readers via the photo gallery below and and a poll to let you decide.



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I'm in the "no" camp. It is a mullet, but it's half-hearted. Very un-bold.