Air Fields, Grounded: Ford's Prez Gives Up Plane Perk

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Looks like the pressure of Steve Wilson here at WXYZ in Detroit may finally have gotten to Mark Fields, FoMoCo's President of the Americas. Wilson's the guy who was the first ( followed closely through the breach by us, we might add) to go after Fields over his weekend commute to his Miami-based family in a Ford-owned corporate jet. The Detroit News is reporting the embattled Prez will be giving up the perk as it was "diverting attention away from his mullet more important issues." But don't expect any house or condo shopping to be commencing in Metro Detroit any time soon. Fields family will be staying in Miami and the man in charge of two continents will be flying commercial to and from the sunny beaches of Florida every weekend. And although Tom Hoyt, FoMoCo spokesman, claims it was "Mark's decision", we can't help but think the pressure of Alan Mulally talking about moving his family to Michigan while staring intently at Fields every singly time they spoke may have played a large role in the decision-making. But, if you listen to some in the hand-fed automotive punditocracy — don't expect a shakeup in Fields' job anytime soon. We're not so sure we agree with that assessment because right now, sales numbers speak at a higher decibel than even the whine of the engine on a Gulfstream jet.

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