What Are Your Spring Plans?

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Photo: Grayson McGee

Winter is coming to a close, people are getting vaccinated and things look like they may be approaching something of a new normal. With that in mind, what plans for the spring and summer are you looking forward to?

Midwestern winters can put a damper on a lot of activities. Wrenching becomes a lot less fun and you have to hide your favorite motorcycles and project cars away from destructive road salt. COVID-19 also made stuff like car meets not a great idea. But thankfully, winter isn’t forever and the vaccines are (slowly, carefully) doing the work of reducing the effects of COVID-19. That means we can look forward to getting out and having some fun and maybe even gathering in groups (still outdoors and socially distant) to look at cars.

I timed the purchase and importation of my Honda Beat just right so that I can immediately enjoy putting down the soft top. It’s my first true convertible and I plan on being topless as much as possible. But I have more plans than zipping around in a tiny convertible, like riding more motorcycles and doing wacky off-road builds.


And then there are the project cars. Thanks to the thaw I can finally get a lot of work done on my bus project. I planned on building it out through the winter, but admittedly, the frequent snowstorms made me more annoyed than excited. I still plan on getting enough done that we can start taking it to Gambler 500 rallies at least by summer.

What are your plans with this warm weather? Do you have a project you want to kick off? Maybe, with the help of a vaccination, you’ll return to a car activity you used to be able to do?