Wert's Got His Eyes On The Prize, Looks To "Support" Chevy Aveo College PR Promotion

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Ok, normally we wouldn't be looking to cover the made-by-PR promotions we get press releases for every day, but Chevy's got something different that's totally attracting our attention. They're pushing their Chevy Aveo as being bigger than you'd expect — and they're selling that message to the college kids by getting two co-eds from seven campuses to live in an Aveo for five days, complete with web cams and a "blog." What makes it interesting, and different from other "big enough to live in promotions" is the two-person team amassing the most votes via text messages (for example, Michigan State University's team would have you tapping in MSU) to the text number of 82590 gets their very own Chevy Aveo. So here's the deal — my alma mater's Michigan State University, and as alluded to above, they're in the challenge. And although we'd never seek to cause mayhem of any sort despite the fact that we'd love nothing more than to find a way to tear this mother down — and make this contest the Jalop's bitch (plus Keriann's totally a cutie!), we're going to be good. Therefore, although the rules don't permit me to do things with "the intent to impair the integrity of the voting process" — we figure an endorsement couldn't hurt — so I'm looking for recruits to help and storm Chevy's "good-sized" Bastille by joining with me and voting for "Team MSU." So let's all join together and text MSU to the number 82590 because with your help, I know together, we can all make a difference. Now cuing voice-over: "This advertisement was not approved by any candidate." Ahh, don't you just love election season?


UPDATE: You can also vote online here.

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Ray Wert

Ideapimp — I think you just answered youtself. I mean, how much hotter is it to have two co-eds in a car for five days? I got to say — that does it more for me than some dude by himself in his car following a script.