Is it just me or is the sport of sumo wrestling feel kinda like an excuse to eat a lot of food and wear diapers all day? I mean, don't get me wrong β€” I'm quite sure it takes some serious skill β€” but I feel like it may deserve the same type of treatment given to competitive eating. Anyway, Campbell-Ewald's produced a fairly funny ad for the 2007 iteration of Chevrolet's budget subcompact, the Aveo 4-door sedan. While I'd have to say, based upon the one time I ended up in the back seat of the '07 model of this gas-sipper with an 11.5 second 0-60 time, it's certainly plush and leather-like β€” especially for the money you pay. However, it's most assuredly too small for a sumo wrestler. Unless it was a midget sumo wrestler β€” wow, we'd totally pay money to see that.

Oh-Ho-Ho, It's The 2007 Chevy Aveo! [internal]