We're Taking KITT From Knight Rider On A 400 Mile Road Trip To Radwood

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Radwood, the ultimate celebration of 1980s and ’90s automotive nostalgia, is on this weekend in San Francisco. And we’re driving up from LA in something that’s as rad as cars come–a Pontiac Firebird. But not just any Firebird. This, friends, is a Knight Industries 2000.

Prepare yourselves, fellow car fans, to join us on a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of man who does not exist.


This week my colleague, friend and fellow road trip enthusiast David Tracy is flying out to meet me in Los Angeles this week so he can acquire some vitamin D and blast up the highway with me in KITT.

On Saturday, he and I will climb into the Chest Hair Chariot and cruise up the highway to meet our intern Mack in San Francisco and be ready for an early start Sunday.

Peer to peer car rental outfit Turo, which lets you too rent this car if you’re so inclined, has made the arrangements and will be getting some prime product placement as KITT will be parked among about 300 other awesome cars at the Radwood show on Sunday.

Be there and be square! You know, because it’s hip to be square. If you are there, come say “hi” to David, our intern Mack, and myself. Ask nicely and we might even have a Jalopnik sticker for you!

But if you can’t come, don’t worry. You can expect to get some live updates from the journey north and the show this weekend. Then I gotta haul myself all the way home, solo, in an old Pontiac with a blinking red light on its nose.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will concede that our KITT is not sentient nor was it actually used in the production of Knight Rider TV show. It’s just the project and property of a huge car nut and KITT fan who’s been building an incredible replica for years and has kindly offered to let us put a ton of miles on it so more people could enjoy it.


Aside from the seats (which are getting replaced soon!) this Pontiac looks like a damn fine execution of KITT to me and I can’t wait to go fight crime and look cool in it this weekend.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road and/or side of the road.

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