Which City Is The Least Prepared For Winter?

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A large winter storm is about to barrel into the Northeast like a drunken sorority girl trying to get the last seat in an overstuffed cab, which doesn't seem to have phased most New Yorkers. That's because they're good at snow. What about those cities that suck at it?

I'm perhaps a bit more nervous than my fellows in the Gawker office because I'm from Houston and Houston is, frankly, shit at snow. A slight breeze and a few flurries and people freak out. They shut down the highways. Everyone in a car crashes.

But are they the worst for commuters? And to keep this fair it has to be some place that gets snow at least once every ten years or so.


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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

Atlanta, the number of inches of snow equals the number of days the city will be shut down.