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Welcome To The Jalopnik Liveblog Of The Season Premiere Of New Top Gear!

Illustration for article titled Welcome To The iJalopnik/i Liveblog Of The Season Premiere Of New iTop Gear/i!

Top Gear is back, and from what we’ve been hearing for months it sounds like we’ll get more of the same with some of the pieces shuffled around a bit, like your favorite childhood actor who’s had some work done. It’s the Jalopnik new-Top Gear liveblog!


If you want to make us laugh or tell us we’re wrong, you’ll have to Tweet at us. Meanwhile follow along watching on BBC America or through whatever other means you have. And if you don’t mind spoilers we’ve already got a review of the first episode of Top Gear and it’s aftershow Extra Gear live right now.



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Evans sounds like a bad game show host. Not. Impressed.