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Welcome to Oaktown: Mildly Donked Skylark

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At the Oakland Coliseum BART station yesterday, we spied this '69 Buick Skylark sitting proudly by itself in the parking lot. Not so much a donk as a car heavily influenced by donkism (and Oakland, proud home of 2 $hort, is certainly on the leading edge of donkitude, what with the box Caprices teetering on absurd-diameter wheels you see towering over traffic around here), this Skylark actually looks halfway decent with the treatment...


The wheels completely fill the wheelwells but don't bust up the nice lines of the car's body, and nothing that permanently screws up the car has been done here. It's possible that this Buick has been subjected to every trend of the last several decades; maybe its rear was jacked up four feet on big air shocks and Mickey Thompson steamrollers back in the late 70s, followed by a stint as a lowrider with negative-offset 12" wheels. That's the beauty of the '68-'72 GM A-body- it's incredibly adaptable.


We're giving a thumbs-down to the Pep Boys HID headlight conversion, of course, but lights are easy to replace. No lasting harm done.

We'd like to think that there's a 455 living under the hood, all ready to burn some more tread off those tires, but (sigh) it's probably just a 350. Yeah, one of these days we'll get a better camera phone. For now, stay tuned for the next Down On The Street car.

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