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The Rides team unveiled an

ber donk (technically, a "box") mid-80s Chevy Caprice that combines dubba-dubs with quad scissor doors, over and mega airhorns out front and a bigorific intake bulge. Scotto, what's witchu bwoy? [Gallery]



Dumb Things I Gotta Donk Today: A Simpsons-Themed Riser [internal]

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John-You can make the same argument for the RS4 so lauded on these pages too. For example, instead of DGJ's 308 plus parts, you could have a - surprise, a Seven and an A4 with MTM mods.

I guess Larry and I will be sharing the duties of trailering this to the Monterey Peninsula next August. Suits me fine. Because, you know, that's how I roll.