Welcome To Jalopnik Tech

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Gif: Jason Torchinsky

Hello, friends. Welcome to Jalopnik Tech, an editorial initiative aimed at demystifying electric cars and advanced driver assist systems. Starting today, a new section of the site will be where we tear down EVs, build them and post deep dives that illustrate exactly how they’re engineered.

We’ll talk to experts and everyday people with a few big goals: First, we want to to provide everything our geekiest readers need to truly understand how this stuff really works. Second, we want to provide practical information to consumers, would-be consumers and the merely curious that will leave them ready to make a judgment as to whether these technologies are right for them. Third, we want to cut through the share-price chasing, the press release word salad and the auto-show posturing to assess what’s actually happening in the auto industry and beyond.

As I said, this is an editorial initiative. We’re receiving no instructions, influence or guidance on this from anyone except our own editors and you readers. That said, it’s important to mention that the launch of this page is sponsored by Ford Motor Company. As always, we’re free to write whatever we want, however we want.


When I introduced myself to you as editor-in-chief, I said:

I also want Jalopnik to be the place where car enthusiasts talk about the future of car culture, specifically with regard to commuting, climate change, urban sprawl, alienation and other fun topics. The tension between my love of internal combustion engines and my desire to limit the role I play in destroying the planet is something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I don’t think I’m alone in that. I don’t see that stuff being discussed regularly in automotive media, and it’s a discussion that we as a community should be contributing to — in addition to posting about Craigslist garbage, naturally.


With this new section, I hope we’ll be getting to some of that.

If there are topics you want us to look into, questions you have or concepts you haven’t seen explained, drop us a line below. As always, thanks for reading.