Watch Videos Of The Bear In A Lamborghini That Shut Down Traffic

The Los Angeles Auto Show may be in full swing, but the biggest shocker this week in California didn't come from inside the convention center — it came from a bear in a Lamborghini who shut down traffic yesterday afternoon.

It turns out the stunt was a prank done by Uncle John, a YouTube comedian who specializes in hidden camera stunts. He succeeded in getting coverage of the Lambearghini to go viral yesterday, proving that even in a weird-ass place like California., a bear in an Italian exotic is not something you see everyday.

Here's a few more photos of the stunt in Huntington Beach. All those folks who came up to pet the bear? They're braver than I am, and I drive Vipers and shit for a living.

(Updated to reflect the fact that this happened in Huntington Beach, not L.A. as originally reported.)

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So what? You failed geometry too? Huntington Beach is not in LA, H.B. is not in
LA county.

Might as well say "...Shut Down Southern California Traffic" for those who really don't know where Huntington Beach (or LA) is...

You stay on your side of the Orange Curtain and we'll stay on the H.B. side.

This is unbearable.