Watch This Valet Kick A $700,000 Mercedes G-Wagen 6x6 Out Of Monaco

(Image Credit: Carspotter Jeroen/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Carspotter Jeroen/YouTube)
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Driving a Brabus-modified six-wheeled Mercedes G-Wagen might make you feel like King Of The World, but you ain’t parking that bedazzled brick in front of this guy’s casino, bud.

We’re all pretty tired of supercar spotting vlogs but I have to admit, watching this valet tell the owner of this Brabus B63S 700 6x6 to fuck right off is pretty funny. Especially after you hear the guy’s “Please?!” So, thanks to Carspotter Jeroen for catching this special moment of social disruption.


The video’s description says that the truck rolled in with an entourage of Paganis, Mercedes S600s and a Rolls Royce Dawn. The Brabus Benz, which would have cost the tasteless lunatic who bought it north of $700,000, was allegedly “too high” to be parked in front of a casino as it would “ruin pictures of the casino itself.” Big expensive thing must not outshine bigger expensive thing. Such a relatable struggle.

The car spotter who shot this clip wrote that the procession of pricy vehicles took a couple more laps around Monaco and left after having no luck parking their six-wheeled war wagon anywhere. If only this giant G had been rocking the shiny wheels instead of the mil-spec looking ones, then, surely, it would have been tasteful enough to grace somebody’s parking lot.

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I think it’s only fair to ask, what would Fancy Kristen do in this situation?