Watch This Badass Kid ID Taillights Like A Boss On TV

The other day, I made what I assumed was the hardest taillight-identification quiz known to man. I now know I was wrong. Very wrong. The hardest, most badass taillight identification quiz happened in 1990, on a BBC game show. This is the high-water mark for competitive taillight IDing, my friends. Watch and learn.


Commenter Jones Foyer posted this video in the comments of the quiz post, mentioning that it was his friend in the video there. I went to the video's YouTube page and found the full explanation from his taillight-savant friend:

I was a chubby 17 year old car geek with oversized glasses (are these retro cool yet?) and a very 80s fuzzy sweater. I wrote to LWT in London to appear on the show letting them know of my ability to recognize cars by their tail lights. To my surprise they had me on the show where I got to meet the effervescent Bruce Forsyth. So a message to all the geeky kids out there that think they may be undervalued in the world because of the way they look or what size they are or that they only know about one silly subject matter. If you enjoy something, don't give up. Who knows you may entertain a whole country one day! By the way, I still would like to own an Aston Martin Lagonda one day!

Watch this kid ID those taillights — those physical, disembodied taillights — like a badass while being timed and on national television. Captain Sweater there doesn't break a sweat and only has to come back to one Volvo light. I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to confirm the spelling of this Taillight Savant's name, but I think it's Pritinder Rangar.

Regardless, this guy is a no-joke taillight ninja and I believe these three minutes are the most attention taillight identification has ever gotten in mainstream media.


Well done.

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