Take The Hardest Taillight Identification Quiz Ever Created

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Now, perhaps deep in some underground government lab there exists a harder taillight-identification quiz, but if there is, I haven't seen it. We've done taillight-identification quizzes here before, but I've upped the difficulty on this one pretty significantly. But you're good — no, great at this. You should give it a go.

What's different this time is that I'm using actual photographic images of the taillights, but with a little twist. I'm only showing the bulb-illuminated areas, and I'm showing them individually, via simple animated GIFs. So, first the taillight will come on, then the brake light (tails and brakes will be the only ones to appear simultaneously), then the indicators, then the reverse lamp.


So, you'll never see the taillight as whole, fully-illuminated unit, since you almost never do in the real world, anyway. This should be a much better test of your real-world Taillight ID Kung-Fu than any of our previous quizzes. A good result here is the sort of thing that gets people jobs, sexual partners, respect, and status in the community.

This is taillight-identification, people. Perhaps the most respected skill in all of human culture.

Take the quiz. Show me how good you are. Good luck.

UPDATE: It should show you the correct answers after each question now.

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7/10 not too bad.