It's good to have a sense of eagerness when you're in a race car. It's not so good when you're so eager to get out of the pit lane that you then proceed to destroy your race, everyone else's race, and probably the nearest three census-designated places.

In a way, it's understandable how quickly driver Kenny Bost would want to rejoin the pack, considering that the Bowman-Gray track is so small that the pitlane is actually outside the track. On the other hand, it is not understandable, whatsoever, at all, because this is easily the worst racing decision I've seen in at least the last 20 minutes.

The last time we heard from Bowman-Gray, by the way, was when one driver decided that dragging another one was probably a good idea.


Bowman-Gray is rapidly gaining a reputation as the best race track in the world.