Watch The Volkswagen Golf R's Computer Control People's Lives

The new Volkswagen Golf R looks like an amazing car. It has all wheel drive, a 256 hp turbo four banger, and it even looks good. It excels in all things but one: you can't turn off the freakin' stability control.


That VW's engineers decided to make the car's braking more or less autonomous in tight cornering, when many car enthusiasts would like to break the tires loose and have some fun. So maybe enthusiasts will look elsewhere for hot hatch fun, because who wants to spend nearly $40,000 on a car that doesn't let you do what you want with it?

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Victorious Secret

Rabble Rabble Rabble

That is all I hear from all you arm chair critics on the Golf R.

99% of you don't own one. 99.9% of you haven't even driven one.

Yet you complain about its lack of defeat able stability control like you'd actually make use of it?

Oh come on.

Get your heads out of the sand.

Also, 40k is for Canada cause we get hated like that.

Its closer to 30k in America, not a bad price at all for a rather good DD car that likely won't see its limits explored ever and if you do track your Golf R then you have specific addons that get around the who SC issue entirely.

Stop being so butthurt over it.