Like most of you, I was stunned by the video of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion that was captured by a man in a pickup truck last night. Here's footage of the blast from another angle, again captured by a driver.

Once again we can see the plant burn intensely before it goes up in a massive fireball that rocks the car and catches its occupants completely off guard. I can't even imagine what this must have been like to see in person. It sounds horrific.

Also, quick tip to all you drivers out there: If a fertilizer plant is on fire, don't just sit around filming it from what you think is a safe distance. That can change more rapidly than you might expect.


If you have seen other videos of the blast, feel free to drop them in the comments. And check back to our original post for updates and what you can do to help the victims.

Update: Here's yet another video from a different angle. This one seems a bit further back than the other two, but it still gives an indicator of how big this explosion was. Check out the gigantic black mushroom cloud at the end.