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Watch The Last Flight Of The Space Shuttle Endeavour From The Cockpit Of A Fighter Jet

We've seen the Space Shuttle Endeavour flying home to Los Angeles in still photos and in video, but we've never seen it like this: from the cockpit of one of its F/A-18 escort fighters.


At 15 minutes, the video is long, but we can't stop watching.

The shuttle passes over the Dodger's Stadium, California Science Center, the Los Angeles Colosseum, downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, the Rose Bowl, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Angel Stadium, Space X, Universal Studios, Point Mugu, and finally LAX where it makes its landing.


You get the cockpit audio from the F/A-18 too, which is spectacular.

(Hat tip to ttyymmnn!)

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I am so happy to say that I was able to see the flyover. I rushed out of class to stand on the hill at the edge of campus with about 30 like minded individuals, and finally saw an orbiter with my own eyes. It was an experience I've been waiting for since I was about 4.