Watch The Grand Tour's Hosts Talk About All The Times They Nearly Died During Season 2

Photo via Amazon
Photo via Amazon

The best teaser to get us all excited for the second season of The Grand Tour was always going to be having the hosts talk about all of the ways they nearly met their fate while filming the show.

That’s just what we have here, in an interview between The Sunday Times Magazine and The Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

The trio talk about the accidents and incidents we’ve heard about already, like Hammond’s super bad Rimac electric supercar crash in Switzerland and Clarkson being hospitalized for severe pneumonia, as well as stuff we haven’t heard about yet, like James May being hospitalized for severe food poisoning.


Hammond talking about his major Rimac crash is obviously one of the most interesting things about the new season, given his history with crashing things on television. He was also involved in a motorcycle crash during filming this year.

Given how well Top Gear handled Hammond’s near-death crash years ago, it should be quite touching and intriguing to see how The Grand Tour handles his latest crash for the new season, especially as he claims he can actually remember this one.

The second season will finally be released in full on December 8, 2017 on Amazon Prime. They’ve made quite a few changes, so here’s to hoping it’s all been for the better.

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