Watch The Electric Volkswagen I.D. R Blast Up Heaven's Gate

The electric Volkswagen I.D. R race car has been setting records around the world, and with the Nürburgring and Pikes Peak under its belt, the team headed over to China to tackle the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road. To no one’s surprise, the team set itself an impressive record—but now we finally have onboard footage of the I.D. R actually hitting the road.

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Photo: Volkswagen

Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, also known as Heaven’s Gate, is a dangerous, winding path up the eponymous mountain in Tianmen Mountain National Park. Just like any deliciously precarious strip of asphalt with 99 turns, it’s become a hot spot for professional drivers to showcase their talents.

And the VW I.D. R crew was no different. You can check it out below:

Romain Dumas was once again behind the wheel of the electric beast, finishing his lap with a time of 7:38.585. It is worth noting that no record attempt for race cars actually existed prior to Volkswagen’s attempt, though. People had driven it, yes—but no one actually officially timed it before that.

I can’t say Heaven’s Gate is one of those places I’d really like to drive myself (not a heights guy, not at all), but I can get the exact kicks I need from this video from Volkswagen.

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Heaven’s Gate? That’s a serious run for someone driving in white Nikes.

Are they headed to Jonestown next?