Watch The Coolest Chevy Blazer Of Our Time Tear Up The Desert

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Desert racing champion and off-road stunt driver BJ Baldwin is a monster in the sand. Watch him show off some moves in the glorious angry-eyed K5 Chevrolet Blazer he uses as a prerunner, and a wild Toyota Tundra he apparently drives on the street.


This video is a commercial for Toyo Tires, obviously. Their point being; you can use the same Open Country R/T rubber for off-road thrashing and cruising around to work.

I've never driven on these tires, so I can't tell you much more. But the sales pitch from Toyo's COO Roy Bromfield goes: the Open Country R/T is "a premium tire that handles exceptionally well off-road and looks aggressive, but is also quiet and long-lasting enough for everyday driving."

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The R/T basically a dialed-down version of the hardcore-knobby Open Country M/T, which is highly rated in the dirt but apparently pretty noisy on pavement.

The R/T is made of three-ply polyester and shaped with "wide shoulder grooves, mud biting blocks, and stone ejectors." The sidewall is available in two different designs, for folks who have to have a certain look.


The Open Country R/T is 100% made by robots in America at Toyo's factory in White, Georgia. They'll be available in 17 to 20 inch sizes for now, more starting early next year.

Video: Toyo Tires


I have a problem with all of this. Blazer looks good and functional though.