Off-road racing is one of the most difficult sports to spectate. We stand sweating in the sun for hours for a glimpse of each vehicle and a face full of dirt. Somehow, it's more fun than it sounds... but the sidelines got nothing on the unadulterated chase view of a low-flying helicopter.

Without the quick-cuts or distracting dubstep we're getting used to in off-road videos, this raw chase clip illustrates how insanely hard trophy trucks and drivers like BJ Baldwin here have to work. Battling bumps, slides, and sand they really have to be relentless. For hours.


Sideline shots only give you a second of the action, and in-cockpit cameras always just look like total chaos to me. But from an aerial perspective there can be no mistake that the man driving this truck is working his ass off.

It's also pretty badass that Baldwin's exhaust drowns out the noise of (what looks like) a Robinson R44 helicopter.