Watch The Charlie Sheen Fiat Ad That Was 'Too Hot' For The Super Bowl

Fiat originally intended to show an ad they shot with "bad boy" Charlie Sheen during the Super Bowl, instead of the now famous "Seduction" ad. Here, finally, is the "too-hot-for-the-Super-Bowl" ad they contemplated showing, complete with model Catrinel Menghia. Sadly, however, it's not really all that hot of an ad.


The joke in this "House Arrest" commercial is based around Sheen's infamous behavior. In the spot, Sheen is under house arrest and making the most of his imprisonment by throwing an insane party and driving around his house in a Fiat 500 Abarth — a hot little hatchback narrow enough to fling around the halls of a mansion.

Sheen isn't under house arrest nor does he have an ankle tracking device, so far as we can tell, but the effect is successful. And don't rule out this happening for real in the future.


He impregnated every woman in that ad.