Details remain fairly scarce about the new Acura NSX supposedly headed to production next year, but we now know one thing from its recent showing at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course: it should be faster than a Honda Accord.

This latest video shows the NSX prototype, driven by chief tester Jason Widmer, as it gets chased around by racing drivers Townsend Bell and Ryan Briscoe in an Accord Coupe before the IndyCar race on Sunday. The Accord has an okay showing, but it can't match the NSX's hustle here, and that's good news — who wants a supercar that can get outclassed by an Accord?

I'm starting to become more and more optimistic about the new NSX. As Travis noted yesterday, it sounded pretty great at Mid-Ohio this weekend. I have a feeling this car may have more grunt than Honda has been letting on.


If it ends up with a pair of turbos and more than 500 horsepower for its V6 hybrid all-wheel drive set up — and it's really not vaporware — we could end up eating some crow. Hopefully we'll find out next year.

I mean, hell, if it can smoke an Accord, the GT-R can't be far off, right? Right?


Hat tip to TTAC!