Red Bull athlete Felix Baumgartner is getting set to jump out of a balloon from 23 miles above Earth.

If he succeeds, he'll be the first man to break the sound barrier and will own the record for the highest altitude jump ever recorded. And it all starts right here.

Baumgartner will jump and should be in freefall for about five minutes. He's going to pull his chute at around 5,000 feet up, which means he'll fall 22 miles until the chute is opened. Insanity. The livefeed has been delayed slightly and will now start 8:30 AM EST/5:30 AM PST.

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You're watching history in the making. Tell us your thoughts on the jump in Kinja below. We'll be updating here as warranted.

UPDATE: The jump may be delayed again because of weather. The Red Bull team hopes they'll jump soon. Stand by.


UPDATE 2 (8:39 AM EST): Our source on the ground says the weather is clearing up, decent chance for launch. Baumgartner getting ready. Stand by.

UPDATE 3 (9:22 AM EST): They say they're going to wait out the wind and jump as soon as an hour from now. We're keeping the stream open and will update.


UPDATE 4 (10:46 AM): They're continuing with launch prep as if they're going to launch, but no official word yet.


UPDATE 5 (11:28 AM): Looking good. Launch at roughly 1:00 PM EST.


UPDATE 6 (12:41 PM): All systems still go for launch in approximately 20 minutes, if the stream goes out please reload. We're being told bandwidth priority is life systems monitoring first, live feed second.

UPDATE 7 (1:10 PM): This is happening.


UPDATE 8 (1:45 PM): Called off due to wind.

Photo Credit: Getty Images