Watch Mercedes Trucks Frolic Free From The Shackles Of Society's Rules

(Photo Credit: Daimler)
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We see Mercedes G-Wagens parked in the city ever day. Incredibly capable off-road machines forced into a life of slavery; shuttling pretty people between appointments in offices. Behind that chrome facade is heart of sadness. Set your G-Wagen free. Send it to this place.

Lately we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Mercedes X-Class; a new pickup truck from the brand with the three-pointed star based on the mid-sized Nissan Navara.


But Mercedes also makes their own trucks. Real trucks that serve as fundamental pieces of logistical infrastructures. And even some versions of the G-Class SUV that would drag a Jeep Wrangler up a mountain and then drive on top of it just to assert its dominance.

The Mercedes machines in this video are at the very top of the company’s off-road entourage, due in large part to the portal axles giving both this G500 4×4² and Unimog U5030 downright ridiculous ground clearance, approach and departure angles, and water-fording capabilities.

Mercedes’ representative Christian Anosowitsch says the G500 4×4² was made to satisfy customer’s appetite for extreme off-roading. I think even these things spend most of their lives just hard parked and looking cool, but it’s still fun to watch one romp around. And to see how small it looks next to a Unimog.

(Photo Credit: Daimler)

I hope Mercedes at least lets the X-Class run wild over these bumps and mud pits before sending it into the world to sit in valet lines. Even the most sophisticated trucks deserve a chance to get dirty. In fact, those might need it the most!

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