I guess Chevy won't need a better advertisement for the Corvette Z06 than Mr. Denim Shirt himself getting pulled over in the canyons.


We don't have to remind you that the Z06 Corvette is an insane car and the biggest performance bargain this side of a Hellcat. Made mostly of aluminum and rigid carbon fiber, it will reach sixty under 3 seconds, give normal drivers way too much speed and act pretty much like a full on race car at the hands of a professional. Women love it too.


The Z06 is also perfect for burnouts, but Jay Leno didn't get to experience that in his pre-production convertible. He did however put its acceleration to the test with the new eight-speed automatic that's actually faster than the manual, until the hands of the law switched on those sirens. Oh boy!

Don't forget kids: the seven-speed manual is still superior, and no matter what they say, "active rev matching" remains complete bullshit. Luckily, you can turn that off and do the job the proper way.

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