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Watch an F1 car's first dusty lap of the Circuit of the Americas

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apparently unable to find a food truck selling haggis, David Coulthard took his frustration out on some Texas cattle near the upcoming Circuit of the Americas. Luckily, some nearby passersby with HD cameras managed to catch this heinous act of hooliganism on video.

We would like to emphasis that those are not ranchers you are seeing in this video – these are just ordinary Texans who spend most of their time in cowboy attire, lassos at the ready. It's a tough job market out there, folks. We all cope with underemployment in our own ways. In any case, Coulthard, wily Scot that he is, managed to escape the ranchers, only to vent his endless wrath on the people of Austin, trying to poison their lungs with acrid tire smoke. Leave those kind Texans alone, Coulthard!


As we've seen before, Coulthard's burning indignation took him to the unfinished site of the Circuit of the Americas, where he tried his hardest to tear deep grooves in the pristine, smooth dirt track.


Race planners can still be seen at the racecourse, slaving away day and night, patching up Red Bull's hateful vandalism. That's just how hardworking those Texans are. Coulthard! We know you like breakfast tacos. Why can't you just learn to munch on those and stop terrorizing the people of the Lone Star state? Are we going to have to start putting blood pudding in the chili, or will you please just calm down?

Photo Credit: Emily Price/Zerin Dube of S:S:L for Jalopnik