Watch An Airplane Get Can Opener'd And Stuck Under A Bridge In India

An Air India plane got a quick sunroof upgrade thanks to a trucker's clever use of not knowing how tall their rig is

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Screenshot: Twitter

Most of our vehicular can-openering videos are courtesy of Durham, North Carolina’s 11 foot 8 bridge, and involve conventional trucks. That’s part of what makes this one so special: it’s in India, and it involves not just a truck, but an actual aircraft, an Airbus A320 once operated by Air India. The plane seems to have been stuck under the bridge for a few days, even. Oh boy.

Here’s the video, shot by a passing motorist around a Delhi airport, near Gurugram (according to one of the comments):


I think the truck being used is one of those Tata long-haul trucks I’ve seen in India, the kind that get lavishly decorated. Even for one of those, which tend to drag around pretty massive and bulky loads, this aircraft is an unusually large burden.

Here’s some video of the plane, cozily wedged under the bridge, looking like some sort of art installation:

The plane has been identified by a sharp-eyed commenter, who found the same registration number on this Air India plane, seen here in better days:


Air India issued a statement distancing themselves from the incident, as the aircraft had been scrapped and sold to a new owner:

“Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances.”


Jeez, Air India, no need to be so touchy.

The Indian Express article also noted that this was not the first time an Air India plane has been stuck under a bridge, with another decommissioned aircraft getting stuck under a bridge in West Bengal back in 2019. Practice makes perfect!


Let this be a lesson, people! When hauling your decommissioned passenger aircraft, always double check the bridge heights and the height of your rig before you set out! How many more PSAs do you need to remind you?